Fields of Legal Practice

Our office specializes in family law and divorce, including child custody issues.

  • Divorce -  Our office specializes in legal representation in complex divorce procedures in both the Rabbinical and Family Courts.
  • Representation in the Rabbinical Court. Our office specializes in representation in legal instances relating to divorce procedures, including representation in the Rabbinical Court, which requires detailed knowledge and expertise in Halacha (Jewish religious procedural law) . We have had a great deal of experience in appearing before Rabbis in the Rabbinical Court.
  • Child Custody. An integral part of the divorce procedure is the matter of child custody at the time of separation and the fixing of suitable custody and visitation procedures for the parent who is not the custodian. In order to achieve the desired result, any petitioner to the court must know how to behave and how to respond. We combine legal knowledge and human sensitivity emphasize appropriate conduct when confronting experts advising about the good of the child, specialist psychologists and social workers.

We escort our petitioners through the entire complex process, until we are able to obtain the best results for him/her in the final custodianship of the children.

  • Representation in the Family Court Divorce procedure, in most cases, requires representation in the Family Court. Our office has many years of experience in appearing before the Family Court and is entirely familiar with the way the court is conducted. We have the fundamental knowledge and practical professional skills to take the appropriate legal action to produce the requisite results for our clients.
  • Child Abduction and Representation - According to the Hague Convention, divorce procedures sometimes devolve into very difficult directions. For example, a child of a couple may be abducted by one of the parents to a foreign country where the family of the abducting parent lives, in order to take up residence there and so break off the child's contact with the other parent. This situation is recognized as an international matter which is conducted according to the Hague Convention, which is "An international convention, whose concern is to enforce the duty to return the abducted child to the country from where he/she was abducted". Israel is bound by this convention by a law of parliament 5721/1991.

Our office has extensive experience in handling difficult cases like this, and in fulfilling the Convention’s requirements in the swiftest and most efficient way. We are also in contact with similar law firms worldwide to help whatever process may be needed overseas. 

  • Child Support & Maintenance - The payment of maintenance and child support at the time of separation of the parents is a crucial matter. The law of correcting the family maintenance and child support, determines that maintenance is fixed according to personal law. Our office has the knowledge, the ability and the experience to advise and to direct our clients so that the maintenance that is set for the children will be suitable both for parents’ abilities as well as the needs of the child.
  • Separation of Property In Israel -  Separation of property is carried out according to the law of “Property Relations Between People”. This law asserts that property which has been accumulated by one of the spouses in the course of their married life should be divided equally without any connection to the registration of the property.

This is the written letter of the law. But there is a big gap between this and the way in which the law is actually carried out. It is also necessary to remember that in Israel there are two legal systems for judging property, as represented by the rabbinical and secular courts.

Our office is proficient in the law and in the rabbinical legal enactments relating to property rights of individuals and the correct way of carrying out the law in the best and most effective way.

  • Divorce Negotiations & Setting out the Divorce Agreement - In most of the divorce cases the ultimate objective is to reach an optimal agreement for our clients. This requires negotiating abilities and personal skills in human relationships and a great deal of experience in arranging an agreement that will protect the interests of our clients down to the last detail.
  • Divorce Mediation -  These days the procedure of mediation is becoming increasingly popular. Its aim is to bring the couple, with the assistance of a lawyer, to a respectable agreement without a confrontation in court. In cases where the couple is emotionally ready, this is a suitable procedure for divorce. Boaz Gork, Adv. has undergone the required training for mediation, in addition to specialized training in mediation in the family, under the auspices of the Israel Bar Association. Advocate Boaz Gork has extensive and successful experience of many years' service as a bridging mediator and brings the couple to an optimal divorce for them, which reflects the interests of both spouses at the time of separation.
  • Drafting Property and Pre-nuptial Agreements - We are committed to clients who turn to us to defend their rights prior to entering the bonds of marriage or joint life. Our office has been working for many years on drafting optimal agreements that protect the rights of our clients at the time of making crucial lifetime decisions.
  • Drafting and Compiling Wills & Executing their Registration -  In the compilation of wills and last testaments, reliability and awareness of the law of inheritance is absolutely necessary, in addition to great sensitivity for the applicant and his/her needs. Our office has extensive experience in arranging wills and registering them.We will be happy to serve you!